Music Pedagogy Seminars

Music Activities


Classes begin Saturday, October 4 2014

Leverage your expertise in music teaching, improve the way education, obtain competitive advantage!  


  • Student-teacher relationship
  • Methods piano
  • The teaching in the various stages of preparation: lessons, exams, concerts


The course is aimed at students and Superior Middle School piano, graduates and graduate piano and any interested person who wants to improve the way of teaching or solve issues of teaching and repertoire that concern over their students.


  • Certificate courses
  • Notes
  • Notes in electronic format (DVD)


  • Seminar available by e-learning or correspondence
  • The seminars take place once a week, Saturdays throughout the course 1.5 hours from October to May
  • Special discount for members of EEME, EEMA.PE. and PA.S.DIE.CH.O.S.
  • Special discount for subscribers of magazines: "Modern Nursery" and "Window in the education of the child" and readers of  Diptycho Publications
  • Special discount for members and friends of Volos guitar festival and P.E.DI.CHO. and for students - teachers from the National Conservatory
  • Special discount for friends and associates of the center of creative expression: "Enchanted compass" and of his friends multiplex Art "AN ART ARTISTRY"
  • Special discount for readers of the magazine "Talk"
  • Special discount for members Your music.gr


Maria Michalopoulou

  • Piano teacher
  • Music Teachers
  • Author of music educational books


  • Monthly seminar cost 60€ + VAT
  • Monthly cost to attend both seminars offer 100€ + VAT(special offer)
  • Special rates for students and unemployed
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