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Traceability of seminars on the program "Distance Learning"

The term distance learning means 'distance' / distance learning. In recent years, more and more people choose distance learning because of the possibility given through this mode are completed the study without the student attends the premises where the seminars, either due to time or by distance. Recognizing the ever increasing demands of our continuous education, music company "Artworks" planned, organized and implemented training programs "distance learning" (distance learning).

These programs span a wide range of disciplines and can attend both residents of Attica, and residents of the province, regardless of age and educational level.



How long seminars?

  • The seminars take place once a week, Saturday and the duration of the course is 1.5 hours, but the period of last one year filtrate October to May
I need to know to use PC to watch?
  • No need for a computer to watch a seminar. The lessons are sent by post in the form of snowfall decreases k athos also dispatched Neta and video (DVD) of each course.
How often will I receive my notes?
  • The notes are sent one after the ZIP day of each course
Will I be charged more for shipping costs?
  • There is no economic burden
What is t he subject of the seminars?
  •   Items seminars:

1. "TEACHING APPROACH TO TEACHING OF MUSIC": The seminar is aimed at musicians, kindergarten teachers and those interested in learning about how to teach music.

2. "TEACHING APPROACH TO TEACHING PIANO": Aryan addressed the seminar Students in Middle and Upper School piano, graduates and graduate piano and any interested person who wants to improve the way of teaching or solve issues of teaching and repertoire that concern compared with students

If I have any questions I will be able to communicate with the rapporteur?
  • Along with the seminar program you SIV s MIP s and times please contact the rapporteur, where you will answer all questions that may arise

 I will give examinations?

  • No testing is required, the students obtain a certificate of study fter completion of courses
What do I gain by this method than by the traditional teacher?
  • You are given the ability to customize your schedule better by watching the lessons at your convenience, you can also watch the courses even if you are resident of KA outside Attica
No difference in tuition and how much?
  • Same tuition prices
 I'm unemployed / or  student i will have a discount?
  • Offered with pecific prices for unemployed and students
Monitoring programs with learning remote (Distance Learning), includes: Sending notes of the course. And electronic format (DVD)
  • Contact - Support: Students may call the rapporteur, or via email.
  • Certificate courses after completion of the seminar - seminar

Maria Michalopoulou

  • Piano teacher
  • Music Teacher
  • Author of music educational books
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